BATNA : How can I get better outcomes in negotiation?

In this podcast Jonathan looks negotiations at work. He suggests a way to improve your approach through developing a BATNA for each negotiation. This reduces the psychological pressure of being forced into the wrong deal and can help you think more widely about your options.

Circadian Rhythms : How can I manage shiftwork patterns?

In this podcast Jonathan looks at the human circadian rhythm; how we can be more aware of when we are at our best and what we can do to plan our work to plan to our natural body clock. He goes on to look at the challenges of shiftwork and how organizations can help them workers manage late and night shift-patterns.

Coaching your team: How do I develop my team?

In this podcast Jonathan looks at using a coaching style at work. He offers five key skills that managers can use to help their staff to take more personal responsibility and become more self-awareness. He then offers a way to structure the coaching conversation into four parts.

Managing difficult people : How can I manage difficult behaviours at work?

In this podcast Jonathan looks at difficult behaviours at work. He notes that what each of us experience as a difficult behaviours varies between people. These can be a result of the individual simply being difficult, sometimes its our behaviour which provokes a response which we experience as difficult and sometimes its just how we see that person. Jonathan looks at three specific behaviours and suggests some tactics which can help.

Goal setting : How can I improve annual appraisal?

In this podcast Jonathan reviews the annual appraisal process and suggests seven ways that leaders can improve the appraisal process through working more collaboratively with their staff, providing regular daily feedback and using better goal setting.

Groupthink : How can I make better decisions with my team?

In this podcast Jonathan talks about Irvin Janis’ psychological Groupthink model. The process can trap highly cohesive and lead them into poor decision-making. Jonathan suggests that by being away of the characteristics of the process, and putting in place a few simple safe-guards can help leaders improve the way they work with their teams, and lead to more effective decision making.

Mindfulness : How can I manage workplace stress?

In this podcast Jonathan looks at workplace stress and how mindfulness can help us reduce stress, improve our creativity and reduce conflict. He suggests three practical steps to become more focused on the task in hand.

Positive Psychology : How can I become more optimistic?

In this podcast Jonathan asks how we can live longer, become more healthy and creative, and achieve more of our personal goals? He offers four simple ideas, drawn from positive psychology which we can all use to help us become more positive in our daily lives.

Team building : How can I help my team become more effective?

In this podcast Jonathan looks at team building and reviews Bruce Tuckman’s popular five phase model of team development. He suggests that these stages are common and while teams go through them at different speeds by being aware of them leaders can better help and support the team members to look beyond the immediate problems to the longer term.