Powerful keynotes and panel contributions from a leading voice in coaching

Invite Jonathan to speak at your next event

Jonathan Passmore has presented keynotes and participated in hundreds of professional events around the world from Harvard University to Sydney.

With a passion for evidenced based practice and experience of working with hundreds of leaders, Jonathan brings an energy, passion and rich insight to events on the topics of leadership, change, wellbeing and performance, as both a motivational speaker and as at academic conferences.

Jonathan has the rare ability to change his style and the content to engage with both practitioners and academics alike.

If you're interested in inviting Jonathan to attend your next event, read through the FAQs below.

What kind of events will Jonathan attend?

Jonathan will attend and speak at conferences hosted by professional associations as well as motivational or informational sessions within organisations.

How much will it cost to have Jonathan speak at our conference?

A speaking fee will always be by mutual agreement and depend on conference size, location, topic, and other factors. Jonathan's happy to attend professional body events on a pro-bono basis as part of his commitment to developing the profession and developing a deeper understanding of evidenced based practice.

We don't have a budget for speakers. Can Jonathan still attend?

In additional to his support for professional bodies, Jonathan is also happy to deliver presentations at a small number of charity events each year.

How can I book Jonathan to attend my event?

The best way to get in touch with Jonathan is via LinkedIn. If you don't use LinkedIn, you can also submit your information via the Contact page.

Get in Touch

For enquires about speaking, coaching, supervision or any of Jonathan's writing, just get in touch.